What Digital Camera

What Digital Camera makes comparing digital cameras easy

We have information on a huge variety of digital camera brands and features at a range of price points, starting at less than $100 and going well beyond $10,000 for a high range SLR Digital Camera.

Digital Camera Brands

When you are deciding what digital camera to buy, you might find it useful to first decide what digital camera brands you would consider.

Most people have a preference for particular known brands, and digital camera brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon and Minolta offer a great range of camera features and price points, but there are also many other lesser known brands on the market that provide excellent features, performance, reliability and value for money. View All Brands »

Digital Camera Types

As well as deciding on the brands you would consider when deciding on what digital camera to buy, you need to know which type of camera you actually need. There are several types of digital camera available, including compact digital cameras, digital single-lens reflex cameras, “bridge” cameras and more. View Digital Camera Types »

Digital Camera Features

Once you know the type of camera and your preferred brands, you will also need to decide upon the individual features, functions and performance criteria that you will require. Digital cameras can come with a dizzying array of bells and whistles. Find out some of the more common terms used to describe digital cameras and what they mean. View Digital Camera Features »

Digital Camera Prices

When you have settled on the brandstypefeatures and functions you want from your digital camera, then it is time to find the best price. But, before you start searching the nearest price comparison engine, or Hong Kong drop shipper, remember that there is more to the price of an electronic product than just the dollars that change hands in the transaction.

Take into account things such as warranty, additional delivery costs, the cost of returning the product if a fault occurs, and whether the local service and repair industry will honour the product’s warranty. A good reputation for customer service can be a great insurance in case things go wrong. The extra few dollars you pay might quickly fade into insignificance  when compared to the hassle of trying to return or repair a dud or incorrect product.

These are some of the more popular online Digital Camera Retailers: